PUBG, relatively new to the streaming scene, has quickly become one of the most popular games on Twitch. That many people can't be wrong, can they? We make the case for why you should absolutely check out this game, and share some of the best moments we've seen so far.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) went into early access on March 23rd this year. Prior to that there were numerous streamers, small to large and in-between, showing off a pre-release version of the game for a short time. I’ll be upfront with you...I saw the title and just assumed it was a mod of another game, a bit like Garry’s Mod. That’s all well and good if you’re into that sort of thing but it wasn’t my speed so I skipped over it. Big mistake. Here’s why, with a little background on the game first.

What is PUBG?

PUBG is a “competitive survival shooter” developed by Bluehole, a game studio based in South Korea primarily known for its MMORPG titles which includes Tera. PUBG is built on the Unreal Engine, and is essentially a battle-royale style 3rd-person (currently) shooter in which you parachute out of an airplane onto an island with nothing but your wits and your skivvies. From there you loot what you can from the environment - things like weapons, armor, meds, vehicles, and utility items.

Each match consists of about 100+ other players, all vying for the top spot. There are team modes as well if you’re not the solo-survivalist type. Over time, the playable space on the island is restricted into two shrinking circles. Stay outside those circles for too long and you’re cooked. Ultimately you could be face-to-face with your final opponent, blasting away for supremacy. The winner takes home the chicken dinner.

Got it? Ok, so why should you watch this?

Ridiculously suspenseful gameplay

Seriously. I watch people play this game and as the match draws on I find my heart is doing flips and I’ve got nothing at stake! I’m not even in the game. That’s the mark of a game built for streaming. When the audience feels even a fraction of what the streamer is feeling from the game, you’re on to something.

The matches aren’t terribly long, so you aren’t kept waiting to get to the good stuff. But what’s beautiful is that it can start at any time, anywhere.

Have a look for yourself:

Lirik was down to the final two, himself inside the shrinking outer blue circle and his opponent in the safety of the inner white circle. Not only that, he’s directly up against the perimeter of the circle with extremely limited mobility. His opponent has about every advantage the game has to offer. But PUBG doesn’t care. To the better player goes the chicken.

In this clip, Sequisha had recently dropped in with some random pick-ups from the lobby. His team was shredded quickly, and he was in a tough spot himself with low health and literally one bullet left in the chamber. What followed next was some Pulp Fiction-level divine intervention, alongside some nerves of steel.

Excellent teamplay opportunities

Solo PUBG is wild times, but team matches add an entirely different dynamic to the game. For one, dropping a player renders them disabled but not necessarily dead. They have very limited mobility and cannot shoot or med, but they can see and they can still make calls to their teammates.

This also opens up the opportunity for a different level of strategic gameplay. As the viewer, you often catch the formulation of the strategy, the execution, and sometimes even the epic failures that are bound to happen.

A couple of my favorites:

PaperbagNinja and his crew have flipped their jeep but opted to remain inside. A bold strategy since vehicles can be pelted with bullets until they explode. However in this case they set the trap and their prey takes the bait. What ensues is what’s come to be known as the Ugandan Camouflage maneuver.

Speaking of exploding vehicles, PUBG has islands and those islands connect to the mainland via bridges. In team matches, ambushes aren’t just a viable strat, they can be absolutely brutal. Here we join one of our favorites again with a more solid crew as they pull off an impromptu roadblock, complete with crashes, high-speed bails, full-auto sprays, and fireballs!

Spontaneous hilarity

Take a dose of the tension, toss in some teammates, and top it off with the unpredictability of multiplayer gaming and you have a recipe for some genuinely hilarious outcomes. The spontaneity of shenanigans in PUBG only adds to the luls. At any moment, everything is on the line, and the next moment everything is going wrong (or right) in the best possible way. This amps up the entertainment factor and adds an another exciting element to an already massively entertaining game.

Here’s a few to get you started:

Destiny knows he’s being hunted, but figures a well placed grenade will make for a nice surprise. But this is PUBG, my dude. Why wait to eat a nade when you can rush the room, spray your clip, and hope for the best? Neither of these guys was expecting that outcome…

Dyrus is known for his top-lane role on TSM but treats his audience to some variety from time to time. When you drop a pro from one genre into something entirely different, you know the possibility for laughs is there. In all fairness to Dyrus, he was neither the first nor the last to learn the harsh reality of weapon switching with grenades in PUBG, but for the audience it made for some high-quality friendly fire antics.

If none of this has sold you, just try it. Any of the streamers I’ve included here are a great place to start, but you can always check out the PUBG directory on Twitch, which is packed with streamers of all sorts. In fact, at the time of writing this, it’s the fourth most popular game on Twitch with nearly 80k people watching.

Hop in, check it out, and feel free to hit us up with your thoughts.