• Twitch and Chess.com make things official
  • 30 million Justin.tv usernames set to hit the open market
  • Why can't Tencent quit Bluehole?
  • All this, plus a quick look at our most recent local meet-up!

Twitch partners with Chess.com in hopes to promote online chess

TL;DR - The multi-year deal will bring to bear Twitch’s marketing and promotional power to Chess.com, in the form of content and “support”. For Chess.com users, it should mean a more robust environment for developing content, as well as additional monetization opportunities. For Twitch it makes sense due to chess’s enduring popularity and spectator-friendly nature.

Full story - https://www.thevideoink.com/2017/11/08/twitch-ente...

Turner and ELEAGUE unveil new Rocket League competitive series

TL;DR - The new series, branded as The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League, will be featured on TBS, YouTube, and Twitch. It’s an approach that’s been in the making for ELEAGUE, combining a feature series on TBS and live gaming content on the digital platforms. The series is set to begin on Dec. 1 and will kick-off with a live invitational tournament, with coverage running for three days and $150k in prize money on the line.

Full story - http://awfulannouncing.com/turner/eleague-cup-rock...

Twitch releasing 30 million inactive Justin.tv usernames

TL;DR - Twitch initially shared the news with partners that the old, unused Justin.tv usernames would be released about a week prior for them to claim before the gates are opened to the public. Partners will be allowed to claim a name using the standard name change process, even if they’ve initiated a name change in the last 60 days. Partners will need to export all of their broadcaster data before the changeover as it won’t transition to the new name.

Full story - https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/09/twitch-is-finall...

Twitch “Raids” feature officially live

TL;DR - The new Raids feature is now available to all users on the platform. With Raids, a streamer can initiate a raid on another streamer and viewers will have 30 seconds to hop over in the raid, leave, or be moved automatically. Anyone can pull stats to see who raided them, when it happened, and set parameters for raids of their channel, even preventing them completely.

Full story - http://streamersquare.com/twitch-releases-raid-fea...

Rumor has it Tencent is still interested in acquiring Bluehole

TL;DR - The Korean Times is reporting Tencent hasn’t lost interest in PUBG developer Bluehole. The two companies are reportedly working together for a Chinese release of PUBG via Tencent’s WeGame platform. If a Chinese version actually happens, Bluehole will have to make some changes to adhere to the country’s very strict content regulations.

Full story - http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-11-09-t...

In case you missed it…

We’ve shared before our experiences with the local community Twitch meet-ups, and if you haven’t checked out one near you yet you’re really missing out.

In LA at TwitchCon there was a “mega” meet-up at the end of the last day and I’m fairly certain the headcount there was around, if not over, about 100 people. There were attendees from all over the world, and that added an interesting element for all involved. Hearing from people first-hand how they run their groups, and what’s important to them gives new perspectives on how this massive community operates.

This past weekend the Orlando community hosted their second major event of 2017 at a local video game bar. Historically that’s been a great venue for the group, but it was my first time there. Not only does the venue live up to the hype, it’s the perfect place for a Twitch meet-up. If you have something like this in your town, and you’re looking to start hosting your own community, I’d strongly recommend giving it a go. Plenty of reasons for people to attend, and the environment could not be better for a community of gamers and creators.

We’ll do a short write-up of the event and include some images very soon so keep an eye on Twitter for that update. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite shots of the evening.

Smash gaming crew at Player 1 Video Game Bar

And if you’re curious about meet-ups in your area, Twitch maintains a list of officially sanctioned groups under Twitter account. You can find that list here.

Until next week, keep streaming!