As streaming platforms like Twitch continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming for viewers to discover new content they'll enjoy. We joined the TRUgaming crew on the Stream Key Podcast to talk discovery, and field viewer questions about the StreamKick mission.

Whether it’s Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or any live-streaming platform, one of the biggest challenges for broadcasters is reaching an audience. There are literally millions of streamers pushing content into the aethers of the internet that may go unseen - forever. According to Twitch’s 2017 Year in Review, there were 2.2 million unique monthly broadcasters for the year. That’s a number we know firsthand has increased in 2018.

And yet, the bulk of the viewership on these platforms will gravitate (or is directed) towards the upper echelon of streamers. Streamers who, some would argue, don’t need any additional money or viewership. While that’s a topic for another article, it’s difficult not to empathize with those putting in the hours and the effort to create entertaining content for no one to see.

Discoverability is such an important issue in live-streaming that we’ve assumed the responsibility to help solve it. We’ve personally seen streamers go from fewer than 10 viewers to well into the hundreds, and even into the thousands, once word gets out about the quality of their content. Even statistically speaking, there are incredibly talented people creating content as you read this that could go toe-to-toe with some of the “best” on Twitch. And after meeting so many committed streamers at TwitchCon this year, our belief in this is unshakeable.

At TwitchCon I met the team from TRUgaming and was immediately impressed by their work and dedication to the community they’ve worked to build. Our missions aligned very well, and they were kind enough to invite me to discuss StreamKick and discovery on the Stream Key Podcast - a weekly show they produce that tackles all things live-streaming.

You can catch the full live-stream of the show below, including Velokk’s heroic solo carry when an ISP outage temporarily took down the show. And I highly encourage you to check out their past catalogue of episodes. Whether you’re an experienced streamer or looking to break into the business and make a name for yourself, these guys cover it all. More on TRUgaming below as well. Enjoy and, as always, let us know what you think! You can find us on Twitter, and you’re always welcome to join the StreamKick Discord.

About StreamKick

StreamKick is the intelligent discovery platform built to connect viewers with content creators they’ll love. Search for streamers based on personal preference or a curated set of filters, all while rating and reviewing content as you go. StreamKick takes care of matching you with the right streamers, saving you the time and hassle of endless directory scrolling and uncertain clicks. Save your progress at any point to create your own interest-based directory of content that’s perfect for you. Discovery shouldn’t be painful, so we’re making it fun.

About TRUgaming

TRUgaming was founded in 2014 as a gaming community. Recognizing an opportunity to vastly improve the game service provider (GSP) space, they quickly moved to launch their own dedicated voice and gaming service. They’ve since grown to host a network of sponsored TRUgaming streamers who create stellar content and entertain thousands of loyal viewers every month. The TRU team is also responsible for one of the most popular podcasts in the industry - the Stream Key Podcast. You can catch all they have to offer over at And be sure to check out the show!

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