WePlay! aims to bring its “esportainment” model to the world

TL;DR - WePlay! Esports USA bills itself as an esportainment company - merging the best elements of esports and live entertainment.  The company has its own media platform and is active on Twitch, for which it creates content from its own in-house studio. WePlay!, with its Forge of Masters CS:GO league, combines costumes, dynamic sets, and even yoga sessions to put forth more engaging content for its audience.  The WePlay! cast treats every match of every event as though it were its own show. Viewers can expect to see opening ceremonies, celebrities, and content showcasing the players and the personalities involved. WePlay! Esports began operating in the CIS-region, but is now moving full speed into the United States with a formula it promises will create a more entertaining and engaging experience for esports enthusiasts.

Full story - https://esportsinsider.com/2019/06/weplay-esportainment-bringing-the-entertainment-factor-to-esports/

Opera launches customizable new streaming optimized browser

TL;DR - Opera GX, referred to as a “gaming browser”, is designed to limit its own resource consumption on the PC while the user is gaming or streaming.  Users can customize CPU and RAM allocation for the browser via its control panel. The browser also comes with a Twitch integration allowing users to log in to Twitch straight from the browser’s sidebar.  Go-live notifications for followed streamers can be pushed to the browser as well. Other elements of the browser are designed to be more game-like, but more so from a UI standpoint.

Full story - https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/11/opera-launches-a-gaming-browser-with-twitch-integration/

Gambling makes its way to the streamer level with “streamer betting”

TL;DR - Streamer betting is a new concept that allows for betting at the core level of the player him/herself.  At the moment streamer betting is only available on the Unikrn platform for both Apex Legends and Fortnite, but there’s money in it so expect to see that change - and quickly.  Bettors can place wagers on a win/loss line only in the current iteration, with some special considerations. That too will be evolving quickly. The platform is putting AI to work which “watches” streams and creates odds in real time.  Those odds are backed by the platform, allowing users to place their bets immediately.

Full story - https://sickodds.com/news/streamer-betting

Twitch is suing those rogue troll Artifact directory streamers

TL;DR - You may recall just a couple of weeks back we shared a story about these bizarre streams that had taken over the largely empty Artifact directory on Twitch.  Twitch banned those streamers shortly thereafter due to the nature of the content, which included copyrighted material, porn, and the VoD of the mosque massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The issue for Twitch, however, is that it doesn’t actually know who those streamers are. So the lawsuit names them as John and Jane Does 1-100 (really). If their identities are ever confirmed, Twitch has asked the court to prohibit them from ever using Twitch again and to order them to pay damages and restitution.  Good luck!

Full story - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-15/twitch-sues-troll-streamers-over-violent-videos-pornography

FACEIT secures deal with Riot Games for new League of Legends competitive series

TL;DR - The new arrangement between Riot Games and FACEIT creates the League of Legends Scouting Grounds Circuit.  From July to September, LoL teams in North America will compete in a $60k series to be one of two to qualify for the LCS Scouting Grounds tournament this November.  Riot intends to use the series to identify potential talent for its LCS professional LoL league through the traditional “five players and a dream” format.

Full story - https://esportsobserver.com/faceit-partnerships-riot-caffeine/

In case you missed it…

I’ve been saying for years that music is one of the most underestimated categories on the Twitch platform.  For anyone that’s a live music enthusiast, watching musicians practice their craft via a live streaming platform is the next best thing to actually being there in person.  

Musicians like acouplestreams and theluckmusic have carved out an impressive slice of the metaphorical pie in Twitch’s music directory by creatively blending traditional live music elements with the dynamic environment afforded through streaming.

In some ways, I prefer these streams to the live experience because I can do so from the comfort of my home, and it’s easier to connect with the artists through chat.  Many of the musical talent you find on Twitch have their streams set up to automate song requests, view song catalogs, and tip them if they truly strike a chord with your tastes.

That’s why, when we saw this article about Melodrive’s new 24-hour channel of AI generated music, we knew we had to share it here.  The channel features piano music that changes as people comment in Twitch chat. Think of it as a slightly more sophisticated version of “Twitch plays” but with a creative slant.  It effectively replaces the fan-to-artist interaction by putting the fans in the creator’s seat - in a way. That’s precisely the kind of experimentation that should have everyone reading this excited for the creative potential of live streaming that’s yet to be unlocked.

I checked out the channel and, while it lacks polish, it’s more than suitable for background music for working or relaxing.  I tested out commenting in chat to see how the music evolved, and there were some perceptible changes but I found it difficult to pinpoint when and how precisely it changed.  I think it’s safe to chalk that up to the musical process (I’m no musician), but the title of the channel gave me the impression it would be more noticeable. Nevertheless, I had fun and the music isn’t without its place, so I tossed them a follow.  I’ll be back. AI has too much potential and this is a great environment for experimentation.

Until next week!