Live-streaming, esports, and gaming news highlights for the week of August 5, 2019

Ninja sets insane subscriber record after his move to Mixer

TL;DR - In an effort to sweeten the deal and lure more viewers away from rival Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer platform offered free subscriptions to Ninja’s channel, something that normally would cost $6. As a result, and in under a week, Ninja hit the one million subscriber mark - the first to ever do so. And he isn’t the only one benefiting. Mixer’s app was downloaded 650,000 times in just the first five days after the announcement of the move, a 10x increase over the prior week.

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Twitch launches Twitch Studio to make streaming simpler for newcomers

TL;DR - Twitch Studio is Twitch’s attempt to ease the going live process, mainly for streamers new to the platform. From the app they’ll be able to choose from a selection of layout templates, and easily integrate a feed for various messages and alerts such as donations, subs, and follows. The app is currently in beta and new applicants are being accepted. According to Twitch’s blog, more participants are gradually being granted access to the new tool.

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Discord moves into the streaming game - sort of

TL;DR - On August 15th, Discord will launch a new feature it’s calling Go Live. With Go Live, anyone with a PC can stream their gameplay in a Discord voice channel to up to ten people simultaneously. Any server can use the feature, however boosted servers and anyone with Discord Nitro will be able to stream at a higher resolution. More than one person can stream in the same channel, and there were no limits announced on how many people total can stream on a single server. Webcams aren’t currently supported, but, according to the article, there have been relatively few latency issues which is a big plus.

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Twitch is putting Ninja’s channel to use by promoting other streamers

TL;DR - Just a week after Ninja left the platform, Twitch isn’t letting the views going to the old channel go to waste. When would-be viewers land on Ninja’s old Twitch channel, they’re instead greeting with a message reading “The streamer you’re looking for is in another castle”. Just below that message are rows of 30 other Fortnite streamers, sorted in descending order by viewership. In typical fashion, many of the streamers featured are other big-name / high following Fortnite streamers like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and others.

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Activision Blizzard confirms 8 CoD Global League team spots have been filled

TL;DR - On its Q2 earnings call, Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed the company has now closed eight of its Call of Duty Global League franchise openings. Prior to the call, the number of slots sold and even the name of the league was up in the air. Kotick also shared that all first season games will be played in the teams’ home cities. However, the city that will host the eighth team has not yet been revealed.

Full story - aims to educate aspiring streamers and level up their game

TL;DR - Founded by streamers Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis and David “StoneMountain64” Steinberg, the platform is built to make streaming a more accessible career path for aspiring content creators. Members receive access to purpose-built educational content, largely centered around aiding streamers in developing a business mindset around their channels. Also included is an invitation to the Discord community, and access to equipment at discounted prices. To date, they’ve grown their community to around 1,200 people with no intentions of ramping that up in the immediate future. However they are accepting new members on a subscription basis.

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Twitch and the NBA team up to stream Team USA Basketball

TL;DR - Through this deal, Twitch becomes the exclusive streaming partner for the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Airing on the NBA’s Twitch channel, viewers can catch exhibition games for the men’s team, friendly games for the women’s team, 3-on-3 events, and the 2020 Nike Hoop Summit - all beginning this summer.

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Epic Games announces $10M prize pool for Fortnite Champion Series

TL;DR - In a blog post this week, Epic Games revealed the prize pool for the upcoming FNCS will total $10M. Matches will be trios only, and will kick off on August 17th. Over five weekends, players will compete for a spot in the Season X Championship. The winning team from each of the five weekends will automatically qualify, however others can qualify via their series points which they can accumulate through weekly placement matches. Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Epic will also be hosting solo and trio cash cup matches. The full sets of rules for these and the overall FNCS are yet to be released but expected next week.

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