Live-streaming, esports, and gaming news highlights for the week of December 23, 2019

DLive and Unstoppable Domains team up to give streamers another path to monetization

TL;DR - DLive has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to give its streaming partners another way to monetize their content. “Global Partners” can earn a 25% commission, three free branded domains, and $1,000 in credit towards domain purchases. “Verified Partners” are eligible for all of the above except the $1,000 credit. All other streamers and content creators are able to earn a 10% commission on their referrals. The domains are .crypto domains and are owned forever, often used as a place to receive donations and post uncensorable content.

Full story - aims to bring more monetization tools to streamers

TL;DR - is a Korean startup that helps streamers monetize their content through mission-like donations and a fan-based social network component. Similar to other services on the market, the donation feature allows viewers to pose challenges to the streamer that can be completed for cash. This also includes a feature called Face Filter in which viewers can send a filter for the streamer to place over their face if they’re using a webcam. Fan boards are a way for viewers to interact with each other, posting messages, clips, images, and memes. Any ad revenue created from these Fan board pages is split with the streamer as well. The basic service is free, but streamers can pay $1 per day for access to premium features. The company has pulled in $500K in funding and works across most major streaming platforms.

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MenaPay adds another crypto donation option for Twitch viewers

TL;DR - MenaPay users can now use MenaCash “stablecoins” to donate to Twitch streamers. The mobile payment service rolled out an update to its mobile app that will allow its users to donate USD-pegged stablecoins by using a QR code.

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Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf latest to leave for Facebook Gaming

TL;DR - Corinna Kopf, member of the Vlog Squad, announced last week she’d be departing Twitch for rival Facebook Gaming. Kopf is relatively new to Twitch, but brings with her a sizable following on both YouTube and Instagram, with over 3.5M followers. In the short time she’s been on Twitch, Kopf has managed to amass over half a million followers on the platform. Her move was immediate, and she can already be found streaming on Facebook.

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US Navy says goodbye to TV and goes all in on esports and digital advertising

TL;DR - The United States Navy announced it will be allocating 97% of its advertising budget on digital mediums, with the remaining 3% going towards billboards and radio spots. This is a big shift for the Navy, which went hard on traditional television advertising in the past, including running Super Bowl ads. The Navy’s target demographic is the 17 - 28 age group, which thrives in the digital space and is watching less television than in years past. Since reducing its TV ad spending in 2018, recruitment hasn’t suffered at all. Esports will be the next area of focus, with the Navy even creating its own esports team assembled from its recruits.

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