Live-streaming industry news and highlights for the week of March 16, 2020

Live-streaming surging amid increasing isolation and quarantine mandates

TL;DR - As the spread of the Coronavirus continues, more and more people globally are being confined to their homes to “flatten the curve”. This change of lifestyle has led to 10% and 14% growth in viewership for Twitch and YouTube respectively. Italy, one of the hardest hit countries during this crisis, has seen live-stream viewership increase by about 66% since early February. Much of this data is coming from analysis done by StreamElements and

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Mixer rolls out updated homepage, auto-hosting, enhanced emotes and more in whopping March update

TL;DR - In what’s surely a welcome change of pace for Mixer fans, the streaming platform has much to celebrate in its March update. Mixer’s new homepage crosses all platforms and now boasts AI-powered recommendations for its viewers, along with a gallery of featured streamers - many of which it poached from Twitch. The new auto-hosting feature further closes the gap with Twitch, but also includes a timer to switch between streamers in the roster. All global Mixer emotes have been enhanced to 28 pixels, with Partner emotes getting the same treatment in the coming weeks. In a limited test, Mixer Partners can now choose when they want ads to run on their streams. And a series of Xbox enhancements will roll out in the console’s April update.

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Twitch and SoundCloud partner to fast track Affiliate status for quarantined musicians

TL;DR - SoundCloud and Twitch have teamed up to help aspiring musicians light up a revenue stream despite isolation and quarantine limitations. SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premium, and Repost by SoundCloud users need only create a Twitch account, fill out a form, and then wait on confirmation from Twitch that their Affiliate status has been enabled. Accounts are being reviewed manually so the process is not instantaneous, but it’s far faster than the traditional route.

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Physical distancing drives record 20M concurrent users to Steam

TL;DR - As more and more people worldwide are being asked to stay indoors to combat COVID-19, game distribution platform Steam is helping to alleviate boredom. This week, Steam set and then reset its own record for concurrent users at 20M, with over 6M in-game at a given moment. CS:GO was the big winner, surpassing 1M players and beating its own standing record.

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Warzone drove over 30M viewership hours for Call of Duty in its first week

TL;DR - According to Stream Hatchet data, Warzone captured more than 30M hours of viewership during its first week on Twitch. This was 8M hours more than needed to put the game at the top of the heap for the week, handedly securing the top spot from standard bearer League of Legends. 30M hours of viewership is no small feat either. Both League and Dota 2 typically only hit that milestone during key esports events that occur infrequently throughout the year.

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