Live-streaming, esports, and gaming news highlights for the week of June 8, 2020

Twitch is scrambling to save its streamers from DMCA penalties over copyrighted music

TL;DR - The Recording Industry Association of America set off a wave of DMCA takedown requests this week, targeting sometimes years old Clips on streamers’ channels. This prompted Twitch to scurry to implement a scanning system for Clips, something it already does for completed streams. As it stands, streamers have no way to bulk delete Clips, which has sent many of them scrambling to just remove everything in their Clips archive - a huge blow to the content they’ve amassed over time. Twitch works with Audible Magic to facilitate the scanning, a partner it’s maintained since 2014. Twitch is also working on the aforementioned tool which would allow streamers to delete Clips in bulk.

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Total active Twitch streamers has nearly doubled thanks to COVID-19

TL;DR - A new report has revealed that the number of streamers on Twitch has nearly doubled since the start of 2020, due almost exclusively to the global stay-at-home orders put in place to combat the Coronavirus. Between January and February, the platform counted just shy of 4M active streamers. However, beginning in March, that number began to surge as more and more people were confined to their homes and, worse yet, losing their jobs. In April it ticked past 7M, and in May it hit an unbelievable 7.21M. Those new streamers were active in directories like Just Chatting, LoL, VALORANT, Fortnite, and GTA V.

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New Twitch Drops campaign sends Escape from Tarkov viewership soaring

TL;DR - A new Drops campaign kicked off this week for Escape from Tarkov and the results are already being felt. The game immediately surged to 270K viewers, and claimed prime real estate at the top of Twitch’s main directory. The campaign will run from June 11th through the 22nd, only on specific channels in the primary EfT directory. Viewers can earn in-game items that are generally considered to be rare or uncommon drops. Since the campaign kicked off, EfT has consistently been one of the top games streamed on the Platform.

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Mixer mobile app updates improve clips functionality and chat moderation

TL;DR - Mixer’s been hard at work updating its platform and mobile applications. The iOS and Android versions of the Mixer app received new updates this week, which include the ability to download clips, more easily navigate clips, and tools for channel moderators. Streamers and designated channel editors can now download clips via the Mixer mobile app, and clip browsing will now scroll infinitely. The update also included a collection of bug fixes and app stability improvements.

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Twitch and the Golden Guardians renew strategic partnership

TL;DR - The Golden State Warriors’ esports affiliate team, the Golden Guardians, has re-upped its exclusive streaming contract with Twitch. Originally formed to compete in the LCS in 2017, the org has since fielded teams in Apex Legends, WoW, Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone, and Smash. In addition to the streaming arrangement, the team will wear the Twitch logo on its jerseys during competitions.

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Team Liquid extends streaming deal with Chinese platform HUYA

TL;DR - Esports and content creation org Team Liquid has extended its streaming relationship with the Chinese streaming platform HUYA. The two organizations first partnered in June of 2019, through which Team Liquid brought its players and content creators from titles such as LoL, CS:GO, PUBG, and more to the Chinese market. As part of this new deal, 22 additional individuals will be coming to HUYA between now and 2022.

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