Live-streaming, esports, and gaming news highlights for the week of July 27, 2020

Google Stadia’s promise of YouTube live-streaming may be coming true

TL;DR - Google has finally begun testing of an integrated YouTube live-streaming application within Google Stadia. Additionally, it’s kicking off testing of its Crowd Play feature which it teased at GDC last year. With Crowd Play, viewers can queue up via YouTube to play with the streamer directly. The test pool is very limited at the moment, and Google isn’t being too forthcoming with additional information.

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Twitch strikes content deal with top EU soccer clubs

TL;DR - Twitch landed new streaming deals this week with Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and Arsenal - four of the top soccer clubs in Europe. The sports club will work with Twitch to broadcast behind-the-scenes content and even possible non-league appearances. All four of the deals are meant to drive more content into Twitch’s recently launched, dedicated Sports directory.

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New Twitch initiative aims to boost minority youth esports participation

TL;DR - Twitch and Cxmmunity have joined forces to get more minority youth involved with esports and gaming. The first effort between the streaming platform and the nonprofit organization will establish an esports league for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Beneficiaries will be granted scholarships and other forms of educational support through the Twitch Student program. The overarching goal is to introduce people of more diverse backgrounds to jobs in gaming and esports by preparing them at a younger age. The first matches in the newly created league kicked off on August 2nd.

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Crypto-users can now subscribe at a discount on Twitch

TL;DR - Cryptocurrencies have endured an on-again, off-again relationship with Twitch since they were formally incorporated back in 2014. However, this week Twitch announced it’s offering a 10% discount to all subscriptions purchased using either bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, XRP, USDC, GUSD, PAX, or BUSD.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has created a chess streaming renaissance

TL;DR - Add chess to the list of unlikely benefactors from the Coronavirus pandemic. Viewership on both Twitch and YouTube has surged, with over 350M views on YouTube alone since January. Chess has consistently remained in the top twenty on Twitch, with viewership growing from 3M to 8M from March to May. More popular streamers playing the game certainly hasn’t hurt either. xQc, LIRIK, and others aimed their already massive audiences at the game, giving it a huge boost.

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Twitch makes August its official Music Month

TL;DR - Music continues to dominate on Twitch, now claiming an entire month dedicated to the category. Daily for the duration of August, Twitch will feature an artist on the front page representing a range of different musical styles and genres. Additionally, the platform has launched what it's calling the Community Development Program dedicated to “showcase the diverse creators” that make up the category. Participants will enjoy six weeks of best practices, and education meant to help them improve their channels. And, Viewers of Twitch’s Streamscape! show in August can expect to see more musical talent featured throughout.

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