This week we’re hitting pause on The Roundup for the first time ever, and instead sharing something we feel is more important. The Roundup will return next week with the very latest happenings in the live-streaming industry.

Frequent Categories: Crafting, Gaming, Variety

Stream Schedule: Tuesday - Sunday, time varies


  • Audience Engagement: Detached
  • Entertainment: Satisfying
  • Skill: Casual
  • Sportmanship / Temperament: Good-natured

Watch, Rate, and Review: RCADEglasgow

Frequent Categories: Animal Crossing series, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Chatting

Stream Schedule: Thursday-Sunday, 1pm EST


  • Audience Engagement: Communal
  • Entertainment:Captivating
  • Skill: Tryhard
  • Sportsmanship / Temperament: Good-Natured

Watch, Rate, and Review: Mischacrossing

In this Discovery Spotlight we share our favorite Creative streamers from Artist Alley at TwitchCon San Jose ('18). This is a very special edition because not only is it the first, we actually met all of these streamers and experienced their craft in-person. Enjoy!

Year after year, TwitchCon remains our favorite event. 2018 was no different. Here's our recap of how it all went down, and TONS of photos to prove we were actually there.

Twitch community meet-ups are blowing up right now, and we had a chance to join our hometown Orlando Twitch community for their first of 2017. We met a great mix of streamers, viewers, podcasters, and industry folks representing a wide variety of interests. We put together a recap of the event including pics and key takeaways for anyone considering attending their local Twitch event.