Year after year, TwitchCon remains our favorite event. 2018 was no different. Here's our recap of how it all went down, and TONS of photos to prove we were actually there.

The prospect of attending TwitchCon can be daunting for many. But don't fret! We've been there and we made it back. And so did about 39,999 other people. We asked a few to share their expert insight to help you prep for the most ass-kicking TwitchCon of your life...even if it's your first.

Twitch community meet-ups are blowing up right now, and we had a chance to join our hometown Orlando Twitch community for their first of 2017. We met a great mix of streamers, viewers, podcasters, and industry folks representing a wide variety of interests. We put together a recap of the event including pics and key takeaways for anyone considering attending their local Twitch event.

There was a lot happening at TwitchCon in San Diego this year. But by far, one of the most exciting aspects at TC was all of the new games being showcased. To be fair, there was just no way to spend quality time with every game on display. So here’s the full rundown of what we’re hyped about at StreamKick. Enjoy responsibly.

By now you’ve most likely already heard/read/used many of the new features and enhancements Twitch CEO Emmett Shear announced during the TwitchCon keynote...As exciting as all of that is, at StreamKick we get amped by data. And Shear’s address included some really interesting stats we think the community might enjoy. After all, it is the community that’s driving this thing.

TwitchCon is a wrap, and we’re bummed. This was our first TC but now I can’t imagine it being our last. I personally went into the event not really knowing what to expect, but I was hoping to meet some interesting folks, learn a few things, and maybe grab a few pics of the people who’d been so kindly providing me with free entertainment over the past few years.