• Mixer pulls the one-two with a fully revamped app experience and a new way to enjoy chicken dinners
  • Amazon's Alexa help Twitch find its voice
  • Esports vs. 2017 - and what a year it's been
  • Plus more, more more!

  • PUBG is going HAM at IEM Oakland
  • Amazon makes the Twitch gear dream a reality
  • Riot flips the script on the EU LCS


TL:DR - Joining the ranks of Starcraft 2, Quake Live, and League of Legends, PUBG has secured a spot at IEM Oakland with a $200k tournament. Running November 18-19, the competition will feature 20 teams of 4 players each, half invited by Bluehole and IEM and the remaining half competing in a set of qualifiers for the spot in the tournament.

  • Blizzard fills Philly and Houston Overwatch League openings
  • TwitchCon sponsors, activities, and exhibitors announced - PogChamp!
  • PUBG wins at Steam, drops mic

  • Big upgrades for Twitch Affiliates "coming soon"
  • Intel gets savage with new ESL deal
  • What's it like when Amazon buys your company?