• Twitch unleashes tsunami proportions wave of updates
  • Esports Industry Awards recap (spoiler: there were winners)
  • Our thoughts on the EA/Disney/Battlefront 2 saga and the importance of intellectual property
  • As usual, all content in the Roundup is free-to-play with no MTX, ever

We take a look at the last three years of streaming on Twitch - from the steady growth of streamers and viewers, to the entry of competitors like YouTube Gaming and Beam.pro. In a relatively short amount of time, Twitch has seen remarkable growth, claiming the top spot among live streaming platforms. Along the way the platform and the community have evolved, entertaining and giving back in new and creative ways.

By now you’ve most likely already heard/read/used many of the new features and enhancements Twitch CEO Emmett Shear announced during the TwitchCon keynote...As exciting as all of that is, at StreamKick we get amped by data. And Shear’s address included some really interesting stats we think the community might enjoy. After all, it is the community that’s driving this thing.