This week we’re hitting pause on The Roundup for the first time ever, and instead sharing something we feel is more important. The Roundup will return next week with the very latest happenings in the live-streaming industry.

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  • Twitch Prime leveling up the free
  • Ninja proves there are no limits on Twitch
  • Competitive Fortnite and a huge celebrity tournament are in the works
  • All that and more, plus ICYMI. Get at it!

  • As subscriber counts shatter records, Twitch may be facing a bot crisis
  • TwitchCon 2018 dates and location unveiled
  • OpTic shares insight into LCS player salaries
  • Caffeine scores an early win with ESL
  • ICYMI - what does "esports ready" actually mean for PUBG?

  • Twitch facing a lawsuit over nearly 2 year old ban
  • Mixer scores with exclusive streaming rights to pro Smite leagues
  • First-of-its-kind streaming game show is nearly upon us
  • Plus more, more more - really it was a busy week