Year after year, TwitchCon remains our favorite event. 2018 was no different. Here's our recap of how it all went down, and TONS of photos to prove we were actually there.

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  • As subscriber counts shatter records, Twitch may be facing a bot crisis
  • TwitchCon 2018 dates and location unveiled
  • OpTic shares insight into LCS player salaries
  • Caffeine scores an early win with ESL
  • ICYMI - what does "esports ready" actually mean for PUBG?

  • Twitch adds new tools for streamers and calls in some Disney talent
  • CS:GO Pro League and ESL One get cozy with Facebook
  • Tencent, Bluehole, PUBG, and hackers galore
  • And in our ICYMI, an interview with Brendan Greene by GamesRadar+
  • Get to it!

  • TSM raises $25 million in investment round
  • Overwatch League and Tyler1 absolutely crushing it on Twitch this week
  • Riot and the Big Ten partner to the benefit of esports student-athletes
  • And loads more - really, it was a massive week!

  • Google pouring cash into Chinese streaming start-up
  • A look at the top esports orgs of 2017
  • PUBG continues to crush records on Steam
  • Is Twitter the next esports streaming juggernaut? Eh, probably not.

  • Twitch Studios wants to bring game shows to the platform
  • Blizzard and the Fiesta Bowl go Overwatch and chill
  • Valve may bring battle royale to CS:GO
  • And new esports industry data from Newzoo sheds light on the EU

  • Mixer pulls the one-two with a fully revamped app experience and a new way to enjoy chicken dinners
  • Amazon's Alexa help Twitch find its voice
  • Esports vs. 2017 - and what a year it's been
  • Plus more, more more!

  • Fortnite making inroads on PUBG viewership dominance
  • Looking for the latest esports match results? Google MIGHT save you some time
  • Faker is real as hell at the 2017 Game Awards
  • Ever wonder how hard the top talent on Twitch works? Forget Google - our ICYMI has you covered!

  • First China, then mobile for PUBG
  • Loot boxes are getting more attention in the EU
  • Our thoughts on what great games and great streamers have in common

  • PUBG packs its bags and heads off to China
  • Belgium takes aim at loot boxes compliments of Battlefront 2
  • Putting your best foot forward and why your audience will love you for it

  • Twitch and make things official
  • 30 million usernames set to hit the open market
  • Why can't Tencent quit Bluehole?
  • All this, plus a quick look at our most recent local meet-up!

  • Twitch streamer growth impresses in Q3 - viewership remains flat
  • Overwatch League inaugural season schedule firmed up
  • Mixer takes on discovery with new mobile app
  • We have a pass at team loyalty in esports
  • And the rest of the week's top news from streaming and esports!

  • Cloud9 funding round results in virtual esports land grab
  • Blizzard unveils its contenders for Blizzcon HS Inn-vitational
  • Microsoft continues to show Mixer the love

  • PUBG is going HAM at IEM Oakland
  • Amazon makes the Twitch gear dream a reality
  • Riot flips the script on the EU LCS


TL:DR - Joining the ranks of Starcraft 2, Quake Live, and League of Legends, PUBG has secured a spot at IEM Oakland with a $200k tournament. Running November 18-19, the competition will feature 20 teams of 4 players each, half invited by Bluehole and IEM and the remaining half competing in a set of qualifiers for the spot in the tournament.

  • Tencent romancing Bluehole over PUBG
  • Riot is taking the NA LCS back to its roots
  • Cloud9 closing in on latest investment goal of $25M


TL:DR - The esports org is sitting just shy of $20M as part of a $25M Series A round, the second investment round they’ve sought. Current investors include Joe Montana, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, however those from the latest round are yet undisclosed. This latest round comes just after Cloud9 reportedly paid the $20M franchise fee to participate in Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League, and will owe Riot Games upwards of $10M to remain in the NA LCS for the 2018 competitive season.

  • Blizzard fills Philly and Houston Overwatch League openings
  • TwitchCon sponsors, activities, and exhibitors announced - PogChamp!
  • PUBG wins at Steam, drops mic

  • Facebook makes biggest move into esports yet
  • PUBG keeps going HAM - hits two more milestones
  • YouTube Gaming pushing big updates to improve live streaming

  • ESL hands Smashcast a $1.5 million lawsuit
  • Twitch announces enhancements for devs, viewers, AND streamers - oh my!
  • Secret new LoL game mode deciphered by clever Redditor

  • Blizzard orders Overwatch League orgs to rebrand
  • PUBG continues to dominate
  • Our take on "crunch" time and hard work

  • PUBG continues its record-setting run for another week
  • Valve is fed up with free Steam key abuse and it's taking a stand
  • TESPA is offering over $1 million in collegiate esports scholarships

  • TwitchCon 2017 schedule announced
  • Riot's BAMTech implementation facing big delays
  • Disney invests yet again in esports

  • Blizzard discloses Overwatch League player pay + benefits
  • $350k PUBG Invitational at Gamescom
  • Like League & DOTA, crowdfunding HotS is a thing now

  • The Dota International is making history before it even begins
  • Disney bringing its magic to esports
  • Samsung brings streaming to Galaxy devices

PUBG, relatively new to the streaming scene, has quickly become one of the most popular games on Twitch. That many people can't be wrong, can they? We make the case for why you should absolutely check out this game, and share some of the best moments we've seen so far.